About Nagasuna Mayu

The origin of Nagasuna Mayu

Boiling kier manufactured 28 years ago.

Nagasuna Mayu is located in Tango, the largest silk producing district in Japan.

Silk is a familiar material for the people of Tango. Even today, you can hear the sound of a weaver when you walk down the streets. When I was a child, our family ran a sericulture business. I still remember in my bed hearing the sound of silkworms eating mulberry at night. Silk was such a familiar thing for me.

Eventually, I took the path to become an engineer. But I always wanted to apply my engineering knowledge to silk and give back to my hometown Tango. Coincidentally, I was given the opportunity to develop a boiling kier for silk, and the journey of Nagasuna Mayu and silk began from there.

Osamu Nagasuna
President and CEO Nagasuna Mayu

Company Info

Name of CompanyNagasuna Mayu, Co. Ltd.
AddressHead Office: 363-1 Amino, Amino Town, Kyotango City, 629-3101, Kyoto
Takahashi Plant: 631 Takahashi, Amino Town, Kyotango City, 629-3131, Kyoto
RepresentativePresident and CEO Osamu Nagasuna
Date of EstablishmentAugust 5th, 2002
Capital30,820,000 yen (Capital reserve 9,820,000 yen)
Our ServicesResearch and development of silk proteins (sericin, fibroin).
Planning, development and sales of original products using silk proteins (sericin, fibroin).
Production and sales of fiber refining machine and its accessories.
ShareholderIndividual shareholders, Ube Industries, Ltd.