Silk Material Business

ながすな繭 養蚕場

We deliver silk material that has high processability, functionality, and productivity.

Our silk is made from cocoons traceable to their production sites, and we also cultivate some silkworms in our own cocoonery.

We have access to a global network of cocooneries and source a diverse range of cocoons, including the golden cocoon (yellow cocoon) and cricula cocoon.

Sericin powder

We use our own sericin extraction machine and control to the molecular weight.
Our sericin powder is extracted and made by a non-chemical method.

As an OEM, we deliver products in small quantities and cater to a requested molecular weight.


Silk powder

To utilize the original function of the cocoon, we produce powder by retaining the silk thread structure. The ingredient is silk fibroin, which remains after removing sericin.

We grind in our company and control the average particle diameter from 4 to 20 µm.

It is mainly used as a cosmetics powder.
We can also make OEM products using the clients’ ingredients.

Silk beads

Valuing the sustainable feature of silk, we developed silk beads as a substitute of microbeads.

We have improved the bead’s surface quality, smoothness, and dispersibility by retaining the original function of silk during processing.
It is a highly biodegradable powder.

The average particle diameter is controlled from nano size to 20 µm.


Silk nanofiber

The fibril structure unique to silk makes it high hygroscopic and permeable.

Silk thread discharged from silkworms appears to be a single thread, but it is actually an aggregate of fine fibers.

High retention of water is achieved by grinding silk to its fibril state. The dispersion solution is gelatinized at 4% silk concentration.
The dispersion solution turns into a film sheet by drying.


We perform various processing of silk.
If you are interested in any silk ingredient not mentioned on the website, please contact us directly.


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