Research and Development

Infinite potential

We think of silk protein as a sustainable material and conduct research to discover its new functions and applications.

Silk molding

The ‘N-Fibroin solution’ of Nagasuna Mayu is a solution made from silk thread.

‘N-Fibroin solution’ has a cohesive feature which enables processing into various forms including powder, film, sponge and fiber.

Through silk molding, we are investigating its potential as an alternative ingredient to petroleum derived materials.

Composite silk

Silk has long been used in hospitals as a suture.

Therefore, it has high affinity to skin.

At Nagasuna Mayu, we are seeking new opportunities by making a composite of different materials, such as cellulose and silk, or plastic and silk.

Chemically modified silk

Silk is highly processable and moldable. By binding new functional agents, we can develop hybrid silk protein products with added functional features.

As an example, we have developed a silk fabric with retained enzyme activity.

Reinforcing agent of 3D bioink

Using silk nanofiber as a reinforcing agent and adding it to a cell ink, we have improved moldability in 3D printers without overstressing cells.