Our Products

Business Model

We develop business ideas taken from a diverse range of functions that silk possess, and nurture that to a commercial level through both independent and joint research.
Ideas are converted into products sought worldwide. Our business grows by delivering them to clients.

Silk Material Business

  • Cocoon
  • Sericin solution
  • Sericin powder
  • Silk fibroin ingredient
  • Silk powder (Fibroin powder)
  • Silk nanofiber dispersion solution (Fibroin nanofiber)
  • Silk aqueous solution (Fibroin aqueous solution)
  • Silk beads (Fibroin beads)
  • Mulberry, mulberry powde

Cosmetics Production and Sales Business

  • Silk face powder
  • Face mask (Silk sponge)
  • Face mask (Non-woven silk)
  • Silk film

Medical Device Business

  • Silk foam (Wound dressing material)
  • Hemostatic agent


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